Conferences from 1982 to 2021

Open to all Local Governments, Academia and Research Organisations and private sector interested in informal exchanges and discussions.

2023 Prato 
2022 Larissa “FROM CHAOS TO COSMOS – Innovative Communities, Places, and Cities”
2021 Larissa Online Conference “Frome here to where? Succeed in the post Covid transformation
2020 Larissa “Moved to 2021”
2019 Venice “Channeling Change – Digital Cities in a changing world – explore more, discover more, create more”
2018 Leipzig “Taking the digital city to the next level”
2017 Zagreb “The Digital Future – Cities Facing the Reality”
2016 Tel Aviv  “Study tour in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem” 15 partecipants
2016 Florence “City Renaissance in the Digital Age” 400 participants in the Convento della Calza
2015 Hamburg “Living, learning, leading in the connected city” 204 participants in the Former customs offices
2014 Zurich “Cities managing complexity In the digital world” 251 participants in the Renaissance Zurich Tower Hotel
2013 Ljubljana “ICT – fostering cities’ prosperity” 178 participants in the Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre
2012 Vienna “ICT-Driving the City of tomorrow”290 participants in the Vienna Town Hall
2011 Prato “Do more with less and Smart Cities”240 participants in the Teatro Politeama
2010 Berlin “Document Management, Marketing, Public Servies”134 participants in the “Rotes Rathaus”
2009 Cork “Innovation at Work, Shared Services, Future of the CIO”86 participants in the Clarion Hotel
2008 Rijeka “Transformation of local Administration”87 participants in the Hotel Bonavia
2007 Siena “Multichanneling, IT-Innovation”95 participants in the Hotel Garden
2006 Norwich “Interoperability, ICT-Government”91 participants in the Norwich Playhouse
2005 Marseille “IT-Finance, Best Practise E-Government, Open Source”88 participants in the Palais de Pharo
2004 Gothenburg “M-Services, E-Signature, E-Democracy”112 participants in the Radisson Sas Park Avenue Hotel
2003 Zagreb “EU Experience Using Digital Signature and E-Security”104 participants in the Hotel Opera
2002 Bremen/Bremerhaven “Electronic City – Digital Signature”97 participants in the Bremische Bürgerschaft
2001 Trieste “Electronic Document Management and E-Government for Cities”101 participants in the Statione Marittima
2000 Nice “IT for City Halls of the 21th Century”110 participants in the Hotel Plaza
1999 Oslo “Online Government – Electronic Producement and Enterprise Resource Planning Systems”92 participants in the Oslo City Hall
1998 Dublin “Integration of Services – Citizen Participation – Smart Card Technology”140 participants in Dublin Castle
1997 Leipzig “Telecommunication, Outsourcing, City Services”90 participants in the New Town Hall
1996 Venice “Cost and Benefits of Telematics”124 participants in the TLC Study Centre
1995 The Hague “IT-Strategy and -Planning,  Network Management”90 participants in the Old City Room
1994 Saarbrücken “The Changing Role of the EDP-Organisation, Experiences, New Technique”114 participants in the City Hall
1993 Zurich “Trends in Europe, Technique of Tomorrow, Experience and Debate”76 participants in the Hotel Zürich
1992 Rome “Trends in Europe, New Services and Applications, Decentralisation”75 participants in the Protomoteca, Capitola Hill
1991 Aarhus “Organization and Economics, Security, Citizens Information System”100 participants in the Concert Hall
1990 Lisbon “Changing of EDP-Centers, Future Services”90 participants in the Hotel Altis
1989 Strasbourg “Trends in Municipal Computing”90 participants in the Palais de Musique et des Congres
1988 Amsterdam “Information Strategy in Local Government”90 participants in the Marriott Hotel
1987 Birmingham “Central and Distributed Processing”70 participants in the Conference Center
1986 Stockholm “Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems”55 participants in the Salens Conference Center
1985 Barcelona “Efficiency in Local Authority Office Management”50 participants in Palacio de Congresos
1984 Rome “The Increasing Role of Computers in the Service of the Community”60 participants in the Piazza del Campidoglio
1983 Paris “Data Processing and Society – Data Processing Management”46 participants in la Maison de L‘Europe
1982 London “To form an organizing committee to set up the rules for the group”45 participants in the County Hall, Greater London Council