1982, 14.-16., London, UK

Conference Place: THE COUNTY HALL, Greater London Council
Participants: 45
Program Highlights: To form an organizing committee to set up the rules for the group

The iniative to found the union was taken by IBM, Public Sector, Rome, (G.C.Gerosa) of Greater London Council (R.W.Sims). The following cities participated in the first meeting in London:
Vienna, Antwerpen, Aarhus, Copenhagen, Birmingham, London, Helsinki, Lyon, Marseilles, Paris, Bologna, Genova, Milano, Amsterdam, Oslo, Barcelona, Barcelona/Hospitalet and Stockholm.

The Issues of Common Interest:

  • the arrangements for managing the rapidly growing use of information technology within our authorities
  • the need to gain a clear understanding of the options open to us for future development
  • as information technology becomes more widely available, we have an increasing obligation to consider its potential impact on city life. We need to understand the opportunities and risks involved. We must be prepared to contribute to the debate which these topics are bound to cause Interest: