Session “Day of Vienna”

Austria goes Europe – E-Government in Austria
Reinhard Posch

Building the City of Tomorrow through an Era of Knowledge and Learning
Anne Altman

Strategic Development of the Vienna City Administration
Wolfgang Müller

The Role of ICT in Vienna – Today and Tomorrow
Norbert Weidinger

Tuesday Morning:

Session “Cities in the Open”

Smarter Cities – NextGen
Colin Harrison

Cities in the Open – A Global Perspective
Alan Shark

Open Government in Aberdeen
Ian Watt

Open Government Data in Vienna
Thomas Skerlan-Schuhböck

Parallel Session “Social Networks”

City of Uppsala – Have Your Say – Online citizen interaction, experiences and challenges
Maria Aulén Thomsson

The Vienna Social Media Strategy
Waltraud Rumpl

City of Rijeka – Examples for social media
Tatjana Perse

Policy 2.0 and future policy making – the FUPOL Project
Giorgio Prister

Parallel Session “Mobile Government”

Mobile Government: Trends, Drivers, Challenges and Benefits
Peter Sperk

Mobile Strategy and Security Vienna
Rudolf Hellerschmid

Hamburg App
Axel Konjack

Tuesday Afternoon:

Session “Cities in the Cloud”

Open Government, Open Innovation and The Cloud

Mark Gayler

The Government Green Cloud Laboratory

Dieter Rehfeld

Hampshire Shared Services

Jos Creese

Session “Managing and Implementing ICT Innovation”

The Changing Roles in IT

Joachim Schiff

Transforming Local Governments
Glyn Evans


Session “Cities in Practice”

Targeted Cyber Attacks – Something Cities should worry about?

Raimund Genes

Barcelona Urban Habitat

Lluis Olivella

Building a Global Framework for Making Cities Smarter

Theresa A. Pardo

A Smart City towards the Future

Brian Curtis


Workshop 1: “EU Large Scale Pilots – build, connect, grow: PEPPOL, EPSOS, STORK, ECODEX”

Workshop 2: “Economic Impact of Cloud Computing on Regional Development”
Cloud Computing on Regional Development

Workshop 3: „FUPOL searching the social media capital of Europe“
Future Policy Modelling (FUPOL)

Workshop 4: “Smarter Cities on Cloud – a path for innovation and efficiencies”
Smarter Cities on Cloud

Workshop 5: „New World of Work – Lessons Learnt from the Elastic Organization“
New World of Work

Workshop 6: “Smarter Cities become real”
Smarter Cities become real

Workshop 7: “Vienna – a leadmarket for innovation”
Vienna – a leadmarket for innovation