HANDOUT: Program, Chairs and Speakers
Full Agenda


Session “Day of Ljubljana”

City transformation for digital future
Željko Gudžulić

Ljubljana in the Open
Martin Pregl, Željko Gudžulić

Redefining Prosperity for Cities
Michael J Dixon

Developing Smart Cities – Tomorrow starts here
Mag. Anton Petrič

Network & Cyber Security Awareness: What Every Public Administrator Must Know & Do
Alan R. Shark

Tuesday Morning:

Session “Global Initiatives to foster Cities’ Prosperity”
UN – Habitat – The City of the 21st Century & The City Prosperity Initiative
Eduardo Moreno

The City Protocol Society
Manel Sanromà

The Future of Cities Model
Blaž Golob

A Holistic View of City Planning in Venice
Pier Francesco Ghetti

Session “IT Management and City Political Strategies”

Shared ICT Services and Channell Shift in East London
Geoff Connell

Working for cities and public utilities: regio iT’s business model
Dieter Rehfeld

Value Added Cities: ICT – Adding Value or Added Cost?
Jim Geringer

What Next for Cities? Measuring Strategy and Service Impact
David Burrows

Tuesday Afternoon:

Session “At the Heart of every City is it’s Goldmine…Data!
Big data, the next natural source for innovative smarter cities
Sylvie Spalmacin-Roma

Proactive Dissemination of Public Sector Information as Open Data – why is it important?
Mateja Prešern

Open Data at the city of Florence
Gianluca Vannuccini

Leveraging Data for a City’s Success
Meghan Cook

Big Data in the public sector: from DigNats, swarm intelligence, data collapse and loss of power
Andreas Reichel

Using Analytics to Improve Government Performance in New York City
Jeff Tryens


Session “A new era for GIS Services in Cities”
ViennaGIS® Open Geoservices
Joerg Wolfgang

Driving the New App Economy. How cities are using GIS and open data to drive citizen engagement
Richard M. Leadbeater

Innovative public e-service for solar energy in municipalities
dr. Matej Gomboši

Session “Citizen Relationship Management”

Introduction Slides
Paolo Boscolo

Citizen Service Request Management (CSRM) System – An Irish Local Authority Perspective
David Joyce

CRM in UK local government
Glyn Evans

Prato experience on CRM
Paolo Boscolo

Session “Outsourcing 2.0 in Cities”

The “GovCloud” – A community cloud of 12 German IT-Centers
Joachim Schiff

Cloud in practice – Project SEED – Interactive Public Service Advertising
Danijel Antonić

Cloud computing for public adminstration in Tuscany
Alessandro Tarchi

Conference Workshops:

Session “Monday Workshops “
Big And Open Data – the new era of data mining and knowledge discovery
Dejan Cvetkovic

Session “Tuesday Workshops”

Cisco Systems
Next Generation Citizen Services
Markus Wissmann
Analytics Solutions for Public Safety – Creating a better place to work and live
Gregor Lončar