Day of Florence

Welcome by the City of Florence, the Tuscany Region, the Florence University and Major Cities of Europe
Dario Nardella – Mayor of Florence
Vittorio Bugli – Tuscany Region
Andrea Arnone, Prorector_Florence University
Giorgio Prister – Major Cities of Europe

Digital Transformation In Italy: the Government strategy
Antonio Samaritani General Manager AGID (National Agency for Digital Italy)

National Operational Programme ‘Metropolitan Cities’ 2014-2020: digital services and sustainable urban development
Giorgio Martini Managing authority of National Operational Programme Metropolitan Cities, Agency for Territorial Cohesion

AGID debate with Agency for Territory cohesion and cities of Florence and Venice
Antonio Samaritani – General Manager AGID
Lorenzo Perra – City of Florence – deputy for innovation
Luca Battistella – City of Venice – deputy for innovation
Giorgio Martini – Director – Agency for territory cohesion

The City of Tomorrow – by the City of Florence
Giacomo Parenti – City manager of Florence

SMEs Elevator pitches:
• Geosystems


Smart City cannot live without Smart Utilities – by the city of Florence
Lorenzo Perra – City of Florence – deputy for Innovation

Innovation at the City of Empoli
Antonio Ponzo – City of Empoli – deputy for Innovation

Innovation at the city of Prato
Benedetta Squittieri – City of Prato – deputy for Innovation

Cities in the cognitive era – by IBM
Alexey Ershov – Vice President, Smarter Cities Europe, IBM
Pierre Brunet – Vice President Business Development, Veolia

Co-creating city solutions in Copenhagen – City Data Exchange – by Hitachi
Hans Lindeman – Senior Vice President – Hitachi Insight Group EMEA
Peter Bjørn Larsen – Hitachi Director, Copenhagen City Data Exchange

Microsoft CityNext Vision: empowering people to build digital, safer, smarter and more sustainable cities
Simonetta Moreschini – Director Public Sector – Microsoft Italy
Rita Tenan – Senior Director, Government Industry – Microsoft EMEA

A Reusable Example of a Metropolitan Wide Data Platform
Paolo Nesi – University of Florence


Seminar by Engineering:
Digital Citizens, now!
The voice of the Cities in the Digital Agenda’s implementation
Antonio Cantatore – Comune di Bari
Ludovica Carla Ferrari – Comune di Modena
Stefano Mineo – Comune di Bologna
Carlo Maria Medaglia – Roma Capitale – Agenzia Mobilità
Fernanda De Marco – Agenzia coesione territoriale
Massimo Vanni – Agenzia coesione territoriale
Piero Luisi – Engineering S.p.A.

Seminar by TIM:
Digital Experience
Andrea Costa – TIM Former Director EXPO 2015 project
Smart Cities and Digital Identity
Ottaviano Tagliaventi, Business Development Manager – TI Trust Technologies-SPID identity provider


Opening of the Day and EU Corner (SESSION 2)
Giorgio Prister – Major Cities of Europe

SESSION 3 – E-Government & Digital Transformation
Session lead – Paolo Boscolo – City of Prato

The eGovernment transformation to serve the emerging digital citizenry
Stefano Devescovi – Business Development Executive – IBM Italy

Building Vienna‘s Digital Strategy with Shared Government
Norbert Weidinger, Deputy CIO , City of Vienna

Digital first – Hamburg’s program to digitalize Government
Jörn Riedel, CIO, City of Hamburg

Research develops innovative approaches for citizens’ participation
Session lead – Joachim Schiff – Major Cities of Europe

Digital agenda and gender diversities: how to make inclusive policies and collaborative platforms
Leda Guidi – University of Bologna

An open platform for citizens’ participation through Open Data driven discussions
Vittorio Scarano – University of Salerno

Sense-Scapes: Natural Darkness and Quietness for the Sustainable City
Dietrich Henckel – Technical University of Berlin
Antonella Radicchi – Technical University of Berlin

From Young to Old Age – Education, Health & Social Care

Session lead – Robin Heilig – City of Vienna

City Based Digital Health and Wellbeing strategy – city of Leeds
Julie Oxley, Head of Information Management and Technology at Leeds City Council

Smart Education at the city of Prato
Paolo Boscolo – Head of IT – City of Prato

Flipped Classroom by Keillir Institute – Iceland
Hjálmar Árnason – CEO
Arnbjörn Ólafsson – Head of international relations _ Keilir Institute – Keflavik, Iceland


Seminar by IBM: Digital Cities for a better citizens’ life
Giovanna Camorali: Director of Local Public Administration, Health and University, IBM Italy

Seminar by HITACHI: Transforming urban communities through Social Innovation (video) (video)
Lorena Dellagiovanna (Hitachi Europe)
Flavio Radice (Hitachi Systems CBT)
Stefano Locelso (Hitachi Data Systems)
Arcangelo Fornelli (Hitachi Rail Italy)
Deborah Forzato (Ansaldo STS Denmark)

Seminar by Microsoft: New Way of Working for Smart Civil Servants: the Florence and The Hague cases
Claudia Bonatti, Office Division Lead, Microsoft Italy
Jose Antonio Ondiviela Garcia, Western Europe Industry Market Development Manager, Microsoft

Seminar by CISCO: Transforming the city
Yasser Helmy – CISCO Global Connected Real Estate team
Niels Carsten Bluhme – Area Director – Municipality of Albertslund (Copenhagen Metropolitan Area)

SMEs Elevator pitches:
• NiviGreen

Involving citizens in EU – research on disaster resilience, an utopia or an utmost necessity?
Philippe Quevauviller -Innovation and Industry for Security – DG HOME – EU Commission

SESSION 7 – What Does the Future Hold?
Session lead – Norbert Weidinger – City of Vienna

A chain reaction? The potential of block chain technology in public administration and city life
Catherine Mulligan, Research Fellow in the Innovation and Entrepreneurship group – Imperial College, UK

Collaboration between the Municipality and local start-ups towards innovation – City of Tel-Aviv (video) (video)
Liora Shechter – CIO – City of Tel Aviv

Moving to the Cloud – A Case Study – City of Derby
Nick O’Reilly, Director Digital Services at Derby City Council

Smart Cities: How evolution creates new paradigms – City of Barcelona (video) (video) (video)
Mariano Lamarca, Senior Smart Cities, Sensors and Standardization project manager – City of Barcelona

So Mobility: a brand new ambition for urban travels – City of Issy-Les-Moulineaux
Eric Legale – General Manager ISSY MEDIA – City of Issy-les-Moulineaux


SESSION 8 – Devil’s debate
Session lead – Glyn Evans – Major Cities of Europe

The Devil’s Debate:
Has e-Government, Digital Government and Smart Cities implementations been Worthwhile? Seven perspectives challenged by the devil himself
Alan Shark – Public Technology Insitute – USA
Peter Parycek – Danube University – Austria
Moira Benelli – ANCi – Italy
Martin Ferguson – Socitm – UK

Villes Internet
Florence Tornare – Villes Internet – France
Herve Groleas – Grand Lyon – France
Alessandra Poggiani – Venis Italy

SESSION 9 – Citizens’ participation
Session lead – Jörn Riedel, City of Hamburg

Smart access to culture in digital cities / SmartCities4Culture Network
Jill Cousins, Executive Director, Europeana – digital culture platform
Dirk Petrat, Ministry of Culture Hamburg – sharing knowledge & resource

Zurich’s view on ICT role and data for civic participation
Michael Grüebler, Head of Innovation & Technology of Statistics – City of Zurich

Interaction between citizens and municipality in developing smart waste collection systems for the city of Parma
Gabriele Folli, Deputy Mayor for Environment, Municipality of Parma

From Urban Participatory Planing to Social Innovation: giving power back to the people
Rafael Monterde, GM of InnDEA – Innovation public foundation of the Valencia City Council

Session lead – Giorgio Prister – Major Cities of Europe

EU projects presentations, workshops and dissemination meetings:
CLIPS: (includes project final conference)
Route to PA:
City Sense: (video)
• Citycop:
Inca: (video)
• PON Metropolitan Cities: