Welcome: City of Leipzig and Major Cities of Europe
Ulrich Hörning, Deputy Mayor for General Services – City of Leipzig
Peter Kühne, CEO of Lecos
Giorgio Prister, President – Major Cities of Europe
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Monday, MAY 28:

SESSION 1 – Day of Leipzig and Germany

The Smart City Process in Leipzig – experimentation, collaboration and learning
Beate Ginzel , Head of department in Office for Urban Regeneration, City of Leipzig

The Digital Hub – Smart Infrastructure Initiative Leipzig
Stephan Stubner, Head of Leipzig HHL – Smart Infrastructure Hub

e-mobility – priority for a clean future
Christoph Friedrich, Specialist in Innovation at Leipzig Utilities

Urban (Data) Platform Leipzig
Matthias Boedecker, Department for Geoinformation, Urban Data Platform, City of Leipzig

IT-Governance in a Federal State
Ralf Resch, General Manager of VITAKO

The IT Planning Council rules Germany’s Digitalization: Current state and why a great jump forward is

Renate Mitterhuber, Executive Director of IT Planning Council – Federal Ministry of the Interior.

Government as a (open) platform
Peter Parycek, Head of Centre of Competence Public IT at Fraunhofer FOKUS | Professor for E-Governance at Danube University Krems

Speed Dating with Bechtle
Kilian Hümpfer, Cisco Meraki

Speed Dating with KULDIG
Dennis Willkommen, Droid Solutions GmbH

Speed Dating with SmartGov, EU project
Gregor Eibl, Donau-Universität Krems

Speed Dating with eTrikala, EU projects
Christina Karaberi, E-Trikala

Speed Dating with IBM
Thorsten Sobottka, IBM

Speed Dating with Syncwork
Stefan Orthmann, Syncwork

Speed Dating with with REPLICATE, EU project
Manuela Taverniti, City of Florence

Speed Dating with PonMetro, EU project
Gianluca Vanuccini, City of Florence

5 Speed Dating with Oracle
Stefanie Repenning, Keno Hendricks, Oracle

Speed Dating with SVA
Torsten Löbner, SVA

Speed Dating with University of Florence / km4city
Emanuele Bellini, University of Florence

Speed Dating with Rote-to-PA, EU project
Donato Pirozzi, University of Salerno

Seminar with VMware
Jörg Bärens, VMware

Tuesday, MAY 29:

Quality Label for citizen centric cities and regions*
Serge Novaretti, Policy and Programme Manager at the European Commission

SESSION 2 – Swimming in the data sea – are you waving or drowning?
Glyn Evans, Vice president Major Cities of Europe, UK
Gianluca Vannuccini, Mgr. Technological infrastructures , City of Florence, Italy
Hervé Groleas, CIO, Lyon metropolis, France
Paolo Boscolo, It Manager, City of Prato, Italy
Martin Ferguson, Policy and Research Director – Socitm, UK
Andrea Sbandati, General Manager of Cispel Toscana, Italy
Matteo Satta, Manager at Issy Media, City of Issy les Moulineaux, France
Sharon Paley, Deputy Dir. – Johns Hopkins Univ.-Center for Government Excellence – Baltimore – USA

Digital Citizenship: Key note speech VMware
Michael Crowley, Industry Director, VMware

SESSION 3 – Making the business case – public value and digital developments

Sustainable Digital Developments
Glyn Evans, Vice President Major Cities of Europe, UK

The City in the Palm of Your Hand
Liora Shechter, CIO of the City of Tel Aviv, Israel

How to measure public value of IT?
Joern Riedel, CIO – Hamburg, Germany

SESSION 4 – Citizen last? Digital government in practice

Did you ask Laura? Re-programming city government with citizens for citizens
Martin Ferguson, Policy & Research Director – Socitm, UK

Toward a smart city for everyone
Hervé Groleas, CIO, Lyon Metropolis, France

Is our effort good enough?
Robin Heilig, Head of PACE – FastLane Digital Innovation and FastLane, Vienna, Austria

Citizen Participation in the heart of Europe
Daniel Van Lerberghe, Cabinet Member of Vice-Mayor in Charge of Citizen Participation, Brussels, Belgium

SESSION 5 – Collaboration and co-creation – the road to heaven or the highway to hell?

Human Ecosystems – Common Goods and Relational values
Lucio Fumagalli, President of BAICR Cultura della Relazione, Italy

Issy, a city open to innovation
Eric Legale, General Manager of ISSY MEDIA, Issy les Moulineaux , France

eCulture – A Changing Environment for Public Institutions
Hannes Alpheis, Head of Administration, Free and Hanseatic City State of Hamburg, Authority for School and Vocational Training

Building the ACP aaS Platform through co-creation
Walter Wijn, Antwerp – City Platform as a Service

7 Proven Ways & Mistakes of Collaboration*
Isabella Mader, Peter Drucker institute

SESSION 6 – Are we fit for the future? Internal and external skills
Citizens‘ engagement and smart city governance based on data – the Digital Florence model
Gianluca Vannuccini, Mgr. Technological infrastructures, City of Florence, Italy

The Data Academy: Closing Your City’s Skills Gap
Sharon Paley, Deputy Dir. – Johns Hopkins Univ.-Center for Government Excellence, Baltimore, USA

Change capability – Establishing skills in a sustainable way
Alexandra Collm, Head of Customer Department, Member of the Executive Board at Stadt Zürich, Organisation und Informatik

SESSION 7 – World Café
All world café reports
Identity is yours: advanced systems in Europe
Ralf Resch, Vitako

GDPR: are we ready? Issues, status and plans
Paolo Boscolo, City of Prato

Cybersecurity: new threats: how to manage?
Liora Shechter, City of Tel Aviv

Data and ethics – avoid the Facebook-like issues?
Hilary Simpson, Sleuth Co-operative

IOT and Big Data becoming a reality: platforms, tools, skills?
Walter Wijn, Digipolis, Antwerp

Healthcare & Social Care: collaboration of Government levels
Norbert Weidinger, City of Vienna

Digital transformation: People, organisation, Citizens’ feedbacks
Herve’ Groleas, Lyon Metropolis

Women leading innovation in cities: Successes, issues, progresses
Alessandra Poggiani, Venis, City of Venice

The Sentient and Wise City: “sense” data, to listen and to decide
Gianluca Vannuccini, City of Florence

Beyond Community Engagement: Delivering Co-Production in Practice
Martin Ferguson, SOCITM

EU projects: success and barriers to operational deployment
Giorgio Prister, Major Cities of Europe

New public communication: web, social networks and chat for Public Administration.
Francesco Di Costanzo, President PA Social Association

Wednesday, MAY 30:

SESSION 8 – Where next for technology? Seeing beyond the hype.

Who will be the Technology Workers of 2030?
Hilary Simpson, Sleuth Co-operative, London, Uk

Surf the technology wave… an assurance for failing Smart City ?
Arnaud Ascensi, Chief Digital Officer, Angers, France

5G City in Italy: focus on Prato and L’Aquila
Massimiliano Gattoni, Massimiliano Bonola, Open Fiber, Luca Monti, Fabio Massimiani, Wind Tre

SESSION 9 – Service Utilities and Public Administration

Crawl – walk – run or how we try to make or infrastructure clever
Rainer Kegel, CIO of Vienna Utilities

The Project Digital Florence: Three years of activities and main results
Andrea Sbandati , General Manager Cispel Toscana, Italy

Announcement of 2019 conference in Venice (video PON Metro Venice)

(*) Speech without presentation