Welcome to the ISAC for Cities Plus (I4C+)

I4C+ is an Information and Analysis Center (ISAC) whose members are CIOs/CISOs of cities exchanging personal sensitive knowledge to improve their individual and collective cyber resilience.  The “+” highlights that this is a “high touch, low tech” group that trusts each other deeply enough to share even TLP RED information and knowledge.

The vision of I4C+ is to create a critical mass of cities pro-actively collaborating in sharing sensitive personal knowledge on cyber safety more rapidly, more widely and more intensively than is currently the case. The mission of I4C+ is to significantly reduce the probability and impact of cyber-attacks. The goal of I4C+ is to support the more effective and sustainable implementation of digital solutions for citizens.

Members of I4C+ primarily exchange knowledge: (a) concerning cyber-breaches and how they were resolved, (b) concerning cyber security solutions used and practical experience with these (c) concerning their cyber strategies and how these are implemented, (d) “Question & Answer” knowledge, whereby questioners are expected to summarize and share back answers received, and (e) good practices. I4C+ provides regular reports on progress to members and stakeholders.

Members share personal sensitive knowledge by emailing such to a single central email address. From there it is distributed via email to all members using the secure knowledge sharing infrastructure. All members may share. No quality assurance on knowledge shared is performed centrally since members are experts themselves.  No email content is maintained centrally. Knowledge sharing outside of the secure knowledge sharing infrastructure is encouraged as needed. The central premise is that sharing benefits all.

I4C+ is supported by the EU Agency for Cybersecurity (ENISA) and the EU Project “Empowering EU-ISACs”.

If you are a city CIO/CISO and interested in learning more about I4C+ plus contact us at i4cplus@majorcities.eu. Please note that membership in I4C+ is by recommendation of an existing member only.