I4C+ is an Information and Analysis Center (ISAC) whose members are CIOs/CISOs of cities exchanging personal sensitive knowledge to improve their individual and collective cyber resilience.  The “+” highlights that this is a “high touch, low tech” group that trusts each other deeply enough to share even TLP RED information and knowledge.

The vision of I4C+ is to create a critical mass of cities pro-actively collaborating in sharing sensitive personal knowledge on cyber safety more rapidly, more widely and more intensively than is currently the case.

The mission of I4C+ is to significantly reduce the probability and impact of cyber-attacks. The goal of I4C+ is to support the more effective and sustainable implementation of digital solutions for citizens.

Members of I4C+ primarily exchange knowledge: (a) concerning cyber-breaches and how they were resolved, (b) concerning cyber security solutions used and practical experience with these (c) concerning their cyber strategies and how these are implemented, (d) “Question & Answer” knowledge, whereby questioners are expected to summarize and share back answers received, and (e) good practices. I4C+ provides regular reports on progress to members and stakeholders.

Members share personal sensitive knowledge in real-time personal conversations. A secure email infrastructure is provided to support asynchronous sharing opportunities.

I4C+ is supported by the EU Agency for Cybersecurity (ENISA) and the EU Project “Empowering EU-ISACs”.

“I4C+ is a founding member of the EU Council of ISACs”.

I4C+ runs a variety of projects including the implementation of a joint-defence agreement among members and pragmatic actionable interventions for implementing the NIS2 Directive at the level of local public administrations. If you are a city CIO/CISO and interested in learning more about I4C+ plus contact us at i4cplus@majorcities.eu. Please note that membership in I4C+ is by recommendation of an existing member only.