The Project

Based on the collaboration between civil servants, universities, public authorities, citizens and business (both large and SME), CLIPS is a 30 month pilot action aimed at the development of a new approach to the delivery of public services through the use of cloud computing. Its principle goal is to provide a dedicated framework that can be used for the evolution of cloud based public services which seeks to overcome some of the major issues associated with cloud uptake within the public sector notably in architecture, design and security.

The definition and the implementation of new cloud based services follows a mash-up approach, to develop an ecosystem template (methodology and tool kit including platform) that can be replicated across Europe promoting interoperability and enhancing consumer confidence in cloud services.

Based on a fictional scenario of a family moving from one member state to another and the associated requirements and complexities that this involves (such as person and business registration in a local census, access to utilities, local tax registration), the project seeks to demonstrate how cloud services could be used for this purpose through the delivery of five pilots in five cities: 1. Bremerhaven (DE), 2. Lecce (IT), 3. Novi Sad (RS), 4. Santander (ES), 5. Stockport (UK).


General Objectives:

  • The introduction of a new approach for cloud based Public Service provision, involving representation from a range of Community stakeholders (based around a PPPP – Public-Private-People-Partnership).
  • The analysis of policy and ethical issues with reference to cross-border services, also considering the requirements of a NON EU country.
  • The implementation of 5 Pilots across 5 different countries, experimenting with cross-border services.
  • The definition of a sustainability model for the approach proposed to facilitate future adoption throughout the EU.
  • All public services and components developed will reside in the cloud, and will be accessible through a repository, to allow use and adoption by other Public Administrations and SMEs. New services will be required to adhere to an appropriate accreditation process to ensure compliance with policies and guidelines of the different Public Administrations.

Technical Objectives:

  • The use of a service mash-up editor to design public services through a palette of micro-services (services that implement simple operations over data).
  • The definition of an identity management platform, based on the CIP funded STORK project (, together with a system capable of verifying the integrity of services released and running over the CLIPS platform.
  • The definition of micro-proxies with the ability to connect Public Administrations internal data management systems to the CLIPS platform, in full compliance with technical and authorization criteria.