REPLICATEREnaissance of PLaces with Innovative Citizenship And TEchnologies – is a European research and development project that aims to deploy integrated energy, mobility and ICT solutions in city districts.

There are three lead cities (called Smart City ‘Lighthouses’), which include San Sebastian in Spain, Florence in Italy and Bristol in Great Britain. There are also a number of other ‘follower’ cities that will look into replicating interventions in their cities including Essen (Germany), Nilüfer (Turkey) and Lausanne (Switzerland). In addition to this, there are also a number of ‘observer’ cities, such as, Guangzhou (China) and Bogota (Colombia), as well as international networks who will take part in learning and dissemination of results.

REPLICATE team is working to accelerate the deployment of innovative technologies, organisational and economic solutions to significantly increase resource and energy efficiency, improve the sustainability of urban transport, and drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions in urban areas. Therefore, the project aims to enhance the transition process to a smart city in three areas: energy efficiency, sustainable mobility, ICT Infrastructures.

FLORENCE is one of three REPLICATE lead cities -Smart City ‘Lighthouses’.

Florence: 377.587 inhabitants + 12 million tourists per yea. / Metropolitan City: 1.007.252 inhabitants

Unesco World Heritage Site: The Historic Centre of Florence was added to the list on December, 1982.

A city to visit, a city to live: it is not only a place with a long artistic heritage, very fertile literary history, beautiful landscapes and high-quality fashion & lifestyle, agricultural & gastronomy products, but it also has efficient digital public services, high-level industries in innovation and technology and excellent training institutes.


An integrated strategy for a first smart district to be replicated and scaled up.

Novoli urban park: the new entrance to the very centre with a mix of uses with residential, but also industrial settlements dismissed and important tertiary activities closed to the Cascine, the biggest park in Florence.


Energy efficiency & district heating.
Smart grid and energy demand management: 600 smart info for families.
Capillar e-mobility infrastructures, very fast recharge and e-taxi fleet, advanced mobility services to citizen.
Data management and smart city control room.
Smart lighting and intelligent systems (IoT).