Twenty-four participants from all over Europe gathered in Florence for a one day workshop about “implementing innovation in your City: the real issues behind the myth” The workshop has considered the main practical issues that a City Administration needs to address when trying to implement innovation through ICT in the City. We have gone beyond stereotypes and myths, catching the practical issues and the concrete patterns that work better in the most advanced Smart Cities in Europe. We have shared governance models, successful approaches and issues when involving the different public and private organisations in the city. We have evaluated the different economic and sustainable models and examples of innovation that proved being more successful after the pilot phase and the key success criteria.

Minutes Florence Workshop on Innovation

Att 1: Workshop introduction and agenda

Att 2: Digital Renaissance in Florence

Att 3: Barcelona European Capital of Innovation

Att 4: The Torino Smart City Innovation Strategy

Att 5: The STEEP project Bristol SanSebastian Florence

Att 6: The ICT Organisation Zurich Results of the new IT-Strategy

Att 7: Roma The real issues behind The mith

Att 8: Smart City Bristol

Att 9: Genova Information Systems

Att 10: Innovation Overcoming the Barriers