Thirteen participants from European Cities and solution providers had a one-day discussion in Vienna about their experiences and solutions and shared their up-to-date knowledge of the status of the e-Procurement and e-Invoicing in Europe and about the related EU Directives. The participants got a deeper insight in e-Procurement and e-invoicing strategies. They and have identified solutions and projects applied at cities level.

The minutes and handouts are published below.

Minutes workshop eProcuremet – Vienna

Att 1: Agenda

Att 2: Vienna Procurement

Att 3: IBM eProcurement overview – Vienna

Att 4: ETHICS – Major Cities – General Presentation

Att 4.1: Ethics Brochure – UK

Att 4.2: Ethics Cases – UK

Att 5: KRZ MCOE presentation

Att 6: Prato – MCE – WS – Vienna

Att 7: Final Q&A Report