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Socitm is a Major Cities of Europe partner and the professional network for leaders engaged in the innovation and modernisation of public services in the United Kingdom. Socitm’s research publications are designed to provide regular, accessible advice and guidance. They draw upon the practical experience of its members, the expertise and knowledge of its partners, and know-how from linked professional associations around the world.

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Public sector digital trends 2023

Turbulence and the pressing needs for resilience and sustainability
lie at the heart of Digital Trends 2023.

Produced in collaboration with the Linked Organisation of Local Authority IT Associations (LOLA) and Major Cities of Europe (MCE), Socitm’s sixth annual report is unique, focusing on the digital trends expected to make a significant impact on local public services and their outcomes in 2023 and beyond.

Based on wide-reaching research and case studies our analysis incorporates intelligence from Chief Information Officers (CIOs), Chief Digital Officers (CDOs) and Chief Executives (CEOs) working in the public sector around the world.

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Public sector digital trends 2022

In partnership with LOLA and MCE

Distinctive in its focus on ‘place-shaping’ – meaningful outcomes for people, communities, and their environments enabled by effective public services delivered locally – our digital trends policy briefing takes a slightly different slant this year.

Our briefing is heavily influenced by the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. But it goes further, identifying key trends that lie in the spaces between different technologies and how these will affect the public sector. We predict, for example, a much greater focus on interoperability, systems integration, and exploitation of opportunities arising from a growth in processing power, coupled with harnessing data volumes and new tools.

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The impact of Covid-19 on Local Government organisations – 2020 survey
This survey focuses on the impact of the lockdown on local authorities with these key objectives:

  • To establish what digital and ICT tools are in place to enable local services to continue to be delivered;
  • To identify what is required to sustain the changes that have proven beneficial;
  • To understand the long-term help and support local government bodies need to ‘reset’ their business models and services as they transition to a new normal;
  • To create an evidence base to underpin our Planting the Flag prospectus for post Covid-19 renewal.

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Technology related trends for the public sector in 2019

Rather than just reciting the usual catalogue of IT trends seen from many pundits, this year’s public sector technology predictions from Socitm take a look at technology opportunities (existing and emerging), set in the context of the business challenges being faced and debunking the myth from the reality. Download here