The Management Team supports the President and is responsible for the strategy of the Association.

Communication manager

Robin Heilig

Working in collaboration with the Executive Committee to develop, propose, evaluate and implement a marketing concept to increase the visibility of MCE and thus attract participants and locations for the annual conference and workshops as well as attract new members.

Technical operations manager

Elena Palmisano

Managing and supervising the operations, maintenance and updates as defined by the Technical Director.

EU Projects Evangelist

Matteo Satta
Consultant in European Affairs, Smart Cities and Open Data

Working in collaboration with the Executive Committee, the EU Projects Evangelist provides a structured and organised support to promote the participation of the members of Major Cities of Europe (MCE) to EU calls for projects, to support the creation of successful projects’ consortia, and to enhance the dissemination capabilities of MCE by contributing to the successful deployment of the projects’ results.

Cybersecurity Manager

Oliver Schwabe
The Open European Network for Enterprise Innovation

Oliver Schwabe orchestrates the Information and Analysis Center (ISAC) for Cities (I4C+) whose members are CIOs/CISOs of cities exchanging personal sensitive knowledge to improve their individual and collective cyber resilience. The “+” highlights that this is a “high touch, low tech” group that trusts each other.

Web master

Alessandro Ferrini

Operating under the supervision of the Technical operations manager, managing and updating the MCE portal, the MCE address base and the marketing and newsletter tool, installing and updating the software platform, the SW tools and the CME cloud by guarantying the continuity and reliability of the technical operations of MCE.