The key activity of the Organisation is the yearly conference that takes place every year in a different city. The conference is the annual occasion for distinguished speakers from all Europe and worldwide to present the latest ICT innovations in their Cities and to share strategies, projects , successes and also issues. Informal exchanges and discussions take place during the whole conference.

To ensure, that the conference offers valuable input and satisfies all attendees, the “Organizing Committee” meets several times before the conference. During these meetings all the details of the conference are discussed and planned. The program is defined, speakers and chairs are appointed and the venue places for the conference and evening events are chosen. The organizing committee collaborates with the hosting city of the conference to guarantee the success of the event.

The organizing committee is also informed of the status and decisions taken by the management board and is also involved in the key decisions

Heilig Robin

Jörn Riedel

Paolo Boscolo

Elena Palmisano

Giorgio Prister

Norbert Weidinger

Glyn Evans

Dr. Joachim Schiff

Lars Greifzu

Martin Ferguson
Socitm – UK

Liora Shechter
Tel Aviv